Do you want to sharpen your pimp game?

Document your talk on the go and in the workshop?

Get Your Pimp Guide Notebook Now!

Pimp Guide Notebook

That is why we created this Pimp Talk Notebook Guide To Sharpen Your Game: Keep This Funny Pimpin’ Gag Journal To Guide Your Progress blank notebook for hustlers and players to document their progress and journey.

This modern and useful 6 x 9 inch (15.24 x 22.86 cm) blank journal tracker notebook has been specially hand-designed for every kind of pimps, from full time playas to side hustle up and comers. Each page is a chance to really stand out, remember those million dollar ideas and locations, and grow yourself personally when you make progress in your pimp career.

The perfect companion for you when are on the road, simply put in your pimpin’ bag and go.

How does this pimp talk notebook work?
You can preview the layout in the “look inside” button at the top – but it is pretty practical and what pimps have been using for years to crank out amazing content for their business and development:

  • 120 blank pages so you can fill it with your pimp ideas
  • College ruled so you have just enough space to write what you need to on each line
  • Date it and document your pimp game from morning til night.

How does that sound? Using a pimp game journal is a great way to ensure that each day you are writing, finding out when is the best time to improve your game, and have a bit of fun too! See how many ideas you can crank out in one sitting and enjoy the results of more creative output.

Who Is This Pimping Journal For?

Great gift for an aspiring pimp, your boyfriend, a gag gift, and even your papi chulo daddy!

So what are you waiting for?

Grab this practical and useful pimp notebook today and start generating ideas more in a systematized way. Creating just a little bit more output each day will yield amazing results, and a journal like this is your ticket to continuous improvement – make it happen!

Get Your Pimp Guide Notebook Now!

Pimp Guide Talk Notebook