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Peep the Pimp Guide Hotties from the clubs on our NYC Guestlist. Check the PimpGuide System, a kit designed to “Sharpen Your Game”. Find the perfect gift for your pimpin’ party! From poker products to pimp quotes, Pimp Guide is the ultimate bachelor site on the web!

Using the products and info one can become a more refined playa-pimp—not no damn prostitutin’ pimp, but today’s modern well-kept, “smooth operator”….as we are a strong supporter of responsible, safe, and equally mutual sex.

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” Thats what I like about high school girls…I keep gettin older and they just stay the same age… ”

“Dazed & Confused”

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“pimps do what they want to do, hoes do what they told, and a square does what he can” Payroll “American Pimp: Raw Outtakes and the Hard Truth”

“ya’ll don’t know nothin about the pimp game”
Ol’ Dirty Bastard “Nigga Please” Album

“I believe that was God – the greatest mack of all.”
Huggy Bear “Starsky and Hutch”

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