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If you own or run a site that is related to Pimp Guide we would be happy to trade links with you provided your site meets a few simple requirements:

  • Your site MUST be related in some way. If you do not see a category your site fit into feel free to suggest a new category but also be convincing. If it's not truly related your request will be rejected.
  • Your site must provide a clear link (footer links are ok) to your link or resource area.
  • Your link directory must be structured. Our philosophy in trading links is to drive human visitors between our sites. The search engines want tightly themed categorized directories and good content. Give them these and you will get the benefits in SERP results you are looking for.
  • We prefer only one page per category but if you have multiple pages in a category we require that our listing be on the first page of the category and stay on the first page.
  • Your site must be user friendly. This means good clear navigation, easy ordering if commercial oriented, not load too slow and not contain excessive pop-ups (more than 1 per page or 3 per site but we prefer none).
  • A link to Pimp Guide must appear on your site before you send your request or be live within 3 hours of sending your request. Sorry but we have too much to do to try and remember to check tomorrow or next week if the link is live.
  • Google PR:It doesn't really matter. Everyone starts somewhere. Unless your site has been banned and would jeopardize our standing with the search engines we are more concerned with the content, navigation and functionality of your site and the structure of your directory.

    If your site meets all of the above requirements follow the simple steps below and your link will be listed within 24 hours of our receiving your request. As a link partner, you will receive special treatment with your link located in the top section of the page.

    A Link Partner image will also be placed next to your link letting our visitors know you are a Link Partner.

    Step 1: Place Our Link on Your Site

    Copy and Paste this HTML code:

    Will give you this link:

    Pimp Guide for Today's Bachelor
    Hilarious collection of pimp quotes, NYC guestlist, and articles.

    Step 2: E-Mail us the Following Info

  • Your Website URL (Please Make Sure It Is Correct)
  • The title you want used with your listing. It's a good idea to concentrate on using your keywords here rather than your store name
  • The description you want used with your listing. Be compelling but honest.
    Don't over hype please.
  • The URL where we can find our link. Required upon submission.
  • The category from our Link Page Directory that you wish your listing to appear in
  • If you are suggesting a new category specify the name of the category you wish and why you feel it's related.

    Your Name:


    Your Website URL:

    Your Website Title:

    Your Website Description:

    URL of our link trade on your site:

    Which category would you like?

    Please enter details below:

    This information can also be e-mailed to . Link requests sent to any of our other e-mail addresses / departments will be deleted and ignored as it means you have not read this page.

    If you have a banner you wish us to use please include either the URL where we can link to your image or the URL of a page where we can save your image from. Please do not send a banner  image with your e-mail. 

    We prefer a text link to our site but if you require a banner please save one of the banners below to your server and link it to http://www.pimpguide.com . Please also include either a text link using the above requested title or the description in an alt tag with the banner.

    Step 3

    If you have followed all the guidelines your listing will be live on our site with 24 hours of receiving your e-mail. You will receive a confirmation e-mail showing exactly where you can find your link, what category it is in and what the title and description used were so you can verify we used the correct information.

    Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy both an increase in visitors and sales from your linking strategy and wish you the best of everything in both your business ventures and your life.

    Friends at PimpGuide.com

    Our Banner

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