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Pimp Hat Partner! CollegePartyHouse.com
#1 Source for all your College Party needs!

Pimp Hat Partner! CollegePreParty.com
A website built by college students for college students. Providing college students with the greatest PRE-PARTY accessories. Home of the Original Donkey Punch Shirt. Get your free Power Hour CD by registering at Collegepreparty.com

Pimp Hat Partner! WWW.Pimpify.Name is a new Pimp and Pimpette name generator and referral game.
Free registration includes custom nametag graphic to bling out your blog or website. Get your pimp name today and start earning street credit and bills for you pimp roll by pimpifying your friends.

Other Important Sites
Bored? Things To Do When Im Bored At Work - At Work and Bored.com
If im bored at work here's things to do when your bored: funny Joe Webb Cartoons, Jokes, Games, Puzzles, Weekly Horoscope, Movie Reviews and Ratings, Quick and Easy Dinner and Dessert Recipes,free Online Tarot Card Reading and more!

Humor, Reviews, Media, and more!

CollegeHumor.com: College Related Laughs
Your ultimate source for college-related humor. Pictures, videos, boobies - we have it all.

CollegeStories.com -- The Top Source for College-Related Stories and Mayhem
A collection of true and amazing college stories including: drinking, love, sex, fraternity and sorority tales all from the college experience.

Modified Living
Publicizing the hijinks of my college life through videos, special features, satirical pieces and other updates.

Teen Forum
Teen Forum

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