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Avaland Saturdays at Avalon
Avalon Nightclub

Address: 47 W 20th St
Cover: Reduced admission on the Velvet List is $20. Regular Admission is $30. Avalon is 18 and over

This Saturday night at Avalon, come see the most explosive chick in the trance industry, the one and only DJ Irene! Shrouded in Night Club fame and fortune since the late 1960's Avalon was known as the trend setting Limelight for many years. Bought from the Church when they started downsizing, the club's non-traditional setting soon became the den of stars and partygoers everywhere. The Limelight has been in and out of business for reasons stemming from out of control parties to out of control party-goers. Countless Disc-Jockeys, artists, singers, models, and bands have played on it's stages, walked down the catwalk, displayed their art or body, just got down and dirty on the dance floor or many hidden VIP areas. The allure of the labyrinth of rooms inside and the idea of being naughty in a place of worship continues to drive this venue throughout the decades and will keep this world of nightclub culture vibing well into the future. True to the property's history, Avalon religiously follows in the footsteps of the owners beforehand. The parties continue to set the trend here and throughout the city with its PornoWeen Party and many other themed events. Avalon along with Velvet List hosts the best electronic, hip-hop and retro DJ's in the world every week. Come see what continues to be a ground breaking party keeping NYC bumping into the early morning every night of the year. Avalon is a playground to explore; the interior has much the same maze-like interior of its predecessor with the taste of what is to come. VIP areas are hidden throughout the club and provide the most intimate respite for the late night elite or a skybox to party in the arena-like main room. Chill out in the third floor lounge with its hall of light or enjoy a smoke in the outdoor garden.

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